"Men argue. Nature acts" - Voltaire

"Practical Mediation is an art not a science. A Place for conversations not forced conversions. A platform for possibilities. A resolution process for conflict, litigation, disputes, or divorce." - Dingle & Sephton

Mediation gives a hope and opportunity to look to the future - Haines

What is the mediation service?

Mediation service is a key form of Alternative Dispute Resolution. It is a private and confidential process that allows all parties in a dispute to control over the outcome. Information and conversations cannot be shared outside the mediation or used in court. It is voluntary and all parties must agree to mediate. The parties attending the mediation must have authority to settle and there is no settlement until an agreement is signed by all parties.

The mediator is a facilitator - an intermediary, impartial  and guides the process. The mediator provides no opinion on the merits or offers legal advice.

What disputes can mediation service be beneficial?

COMMERCIAL - disputes between two or more business entities under a contract.

CIVIL - disagreements between private individuals or between private individuals and an organisation/company/business.

COMMUNITY - involving disagreements between neighbours - owners, landlords and tenants.

When to mediate?

The mediation service can take place at any time in a dispute but is encouraged to be early to avoid entrenchment of positions and before incurring or exposure to escalating legal costs. For civil and commercial disputes, the right time is determined by balancing the investigation expert and legal cost against litigation risk. Whereas, workplace and community disputes an early resolution is essential to avoid increasing animosity between the parties.