Tendring Community Mediation Service

Tendring Community

Community mediation is a well-established tool for dispute resolution service and deals with a wide range of neighbour disputes involving home owners, landlords and tenants. Most incidents cite noise as being the main presenting problem but disputes around children, boundaries, use of common areas, abusive behaviour, vehicles, rubbish and pets are all commonplace.

Some disputes can be seemingly trivial and short-lived (although can get out of hand), others are serious making lives of all involved a misery and taxing the resources of the police, housing officers, social workers and other public agencies.  It is a mistake to think that neighbour conflict is solely located in social housing sector and disputes between owner-occupiers and tenants is an increasing problem.

Mediation is a voluntary process where independent and impartial mediator helps people recognise and acknowledge their position in a dispute and work towards resolving the conflict.

The mediation is confidential and flexible to the specific needs of all participants. The mediator facilitates the process without giving advice or expressing opinions. They work in an empathic and non-judgement way in an informal setting which puts all parties at ease.

Mediation is free and can take place:

  • by phone
  • in person, or
  • online

The in person meeting will only take place with a co-mediator or at a safe location visible to other people at all times, e.g. at a church or community building. The Mediator will not meet in a home. 

The Mediator can be contacted by email or phone.