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I am a member of the CMC Fixed Fee Mediation Scheme which helps avoid cost uncertainty and assists with budgeting. The level of fees is determined by the total value of the dispute.

If there is no financial benefit, and considered appropriate and reasonable,  my mediation service will be offered at no cost to each party in the dispute.

Fixed Fee Mediation for disputes below £50,000

The mediation may be undertaken in person or by telephone/video, although there is a presumption that mediations of 2 hours or less will be done by telephone/video.


Fees will be paid by each party before commencement of mediation and exclusive of VAT.


Total amount in dispute                     Fees per party             Length of session


£2,500                                                   £75                                1 hour – telephone/video

£2,500 up to £5,000                           £125                              2 hours – telephone/video

£5,000 up to £15,000                         £320                              3 hours

£15,000 up to £50,000                       £445                              4 hours


Each additional hour is charged at £100 per party

Fixed Fee Mediation for disputes over £50,000

Total amount in dispute                     Fees per party per day of 8 hours      Hourly rate after 8 hours



£50,000 and £100,000                        £1,000                                                     £100

£100,000 and £250,000                      £1,100                                                     £120

£250,000 and £500,000                      £1,250                                                     £150

£500,000 and £1m                              £1,500                                                     £180

Over £1m                                             £2,000                                                      £200

Mediation fees will be paid within 10 days of the mediation date.


SUBJECT TO PRIOR AGREEMENT - travel expenses and office hire charges will be at cost and divided equally between the parties. 

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